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Frequent Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about applying to the certificate programs.

Frequent Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about applying to the certificate programs.


Yes. Registration for the cannabis certificate programs can be completed directly on our website. Just choose your program of interest, enter in your information, choose your payment option, and you are all set to begin your course on the next start date.

We recommend registering prior to the start date of the course. However, students may register until Friday morning, after the start date. To register past that date, please contact us to see if we can accommodate your request.

Our cannabis certificate programs are open to everyone over the age of 18. There are no prior education requirements or admissions process. Just register directly on our website to begin the program.

We offer new course start dates around every 6-8 weeks. No matter which certificate you choose to enroll into, all programs will begin on one of the following dates: 

    Pricing & Payment Options

    Each certificate program costs $1,950 $1,850 when you pay in full. If you choose the monthly payment option the price is $325 per month.

    The cannabis certificates are non-credit, so they are not eligible for federal aid.

    While federal financial aid is not available for these programs, we strive to offer flexible payment options for all students. Upon registration, you’ll be able to pay in full or you can choose the monthly installment option.

    When you register you can choose to pay in full ($1,950 $1,850) or you can choose the monthly installment option for $325 per month.

    Scholarships are not currently available for these programs. We do offer a veterans discount. We also offer occasional limited-time discounts. Request more information to join our mailing list to receive any special offers or discounts.

    Students who take more than one program will receive a 33% discount on any additional cannabis certificate programs. You’ll also be able to complete any additional programs in 16 weeks, rather than 24 because the first course is the same for all four programs and does not need to be repeated. 

    Program Offerings & Structure

    We offer five career-focused cannabis certificate programs, each designed in direct response to job demand needs within the industry. Choose a focus in cannabis agriculture, business, healthcare, compliance, and product development.

    While the programs are fully online, you will have an instructor available who will release new information weekly. You can complete these materials at your own pace. Your instructor will be available for questions, coaching, etc. throughout the program. You will be a part of a cohort of students that are taking the same program, and you will have an opportunity to interact with other students through online discussion groups that are designed to help you further engage with the course material.

    Our cannabis certificate programs are each 6 months long and are asynchronous. Your 6-month program will consist of three 8-week long courses- Cannabis 101 followed by two more in the focus you choose. 

    Students should expect to dedicate between six and eight hours per week to complete coursework in this program.

    Our programs are created and led by top experts in the industry, with engaging video lectures that allow you to immerse yourself in the course content. You can view more information on our course contributors for each program on our program pages.

    You can generally use any laptop, computer or tablet for these online courses. Courses are also available on mobile, so you can watch the video content from your phone.

    These programs are offered by Northwest Missouri State University in partnership with Green Flower, the industry leader in cannabis education. Green Flower’s content curriculum features trusted information and perspectives from industry-leading cannabis professionals, delivered in a format designed using best-in-class learning practices.


    In addition to a certificate of completion in the program that you choose, you’ll receive a digital badge and verification of the skills that you’ve learned throughout your program.

    Our cannabis certificate programs were designed in direct response to job demand needs within the industry. We have five certificate options available, each designed to provide you a streamlined educational experience focused on the sector of the industry that you are most interested in pursuing. Learn career focused skills with our agriculture, business, healthcare, compliance, or design certificates.

    While we cannot guarantee job placement, our programs will provide you with career support and resources available through the GF Institute Employer Network to help propel your career and opportunities forward. For example, you’ll gain priority ranking on, a top industry employment site utilized by some of the most well-known cannabis companies in the country.

    Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. In addition to positions in cultivation that are hands-on with the plant, there are also career opportunities available in other sectors like retail and product development.

    Absolutely! These programs are a great stepping stone to greater opportunities whether you’re looking to break into the industry or level up your current skills and experience.

    There is always more to learn! If you have experience in cultivation, branch out and learn the business side of things, dive deeper into the health care and medicine aspect of cannabis, or educate yourself on the extensive rules and regulations in our cannabis compliance program.

    In addition is an immersive educational experience with expert led video content, all of our programs include a portfolio project which gives you something tangible to demonstrate your knowledge to others.